Decision-Making and Parenting Time

The terms “access” and “custody” are no longer used.

Decision-making in respect of a child (and whether it is sole, joint or split) means the responsibility of making significant decisions about a child’s well-being, including in respect of

Culture, language, religion and spirituality; and
Significant extra-curricular activities

Parenting time means the time a child spends in the care of a parent of the child. Often times, parents report that their parenting time is insufficient and that the other parent has engaged in conduct which is destructive and not in the child’s best interests. These matters are not to be taken lightly, and depending on the severity of the matter, a court may address the parent who is not acting in a child-focussed manner.

Courts resolve decision-making and parenting time matters on the basis of what is in the best interests of the child. The test with respect to what serves the child’s best interest focusses on the child’s needs rather than the parents’ rights.

Should you want a qualified opinion regarding how a court will determine matters pertaining to decision-making and parenting time, inquire within.

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